Ivana Klarić

Hi, my name is Ivana Klarić. I come from Split, the beautiful Croatian city on the Adriatic coast. I am a pedicure with 18 years of experience. The love for designing eyebrows appeared in my youth when I tried to complement my sparse eyebrows with shades, pens, and gels. When I heard about the method of permanent hair drawing brows I was very impressed. I was immediately interested in where they can get such treatment, and soon after I went to the drawing. After microblading treatment, I realized that this job fits me perfectly because I had a long experience of working with a scalpel (medical pedicure). The initial training provided me a person who worked treatment of my eyebrows. Soon after I began to independently perform this treatment.

From March 2013 to March 2016, providing treatment services in my studio, I gradually progressed in skills and knowledge in this technique. Then I concluded that in my professional progress missing one key step to the status of top experts.
So I decided to go to Sarajevo to professional education at the BB Academy with master Megy Hodzic. I was impressed by the knowledge that I have acquired, thoroughness and strictness in progress. My progression after overcoming all levels in the CM went rapidly for the better. In May 2016 I became a Royal artist, and in August 2016, Master for my country.

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