A little about Microblading and how one should look

A little about Microblading and how a good, quality, tasty, moderate, long-term healthy eyebrow microblading should look regardless of current trends and one’s desires and whims.

When it comes to any treatment in our country, and especially permanent make-up, we do not *only* fulfill the wishes of clients but stick to the profession / craft / rules.

We consult the client based on the current condition: skin type, skin problems, previous treatments, facial shape, lifestyle, age ….. and only then the client’s wishes.
A lot of factors affect which technique to apply, what to expect and what the end result will look like.

It is important that the client is familiar with all segments of treatment, as well as her obligation immediately after and in the long run to maintain a good result.
Trends change, sometimes even too fast, but with something permanent on the face, the demand for the natural, moderate and decent will always prevail.
The biggest mistake with Artists is when they force the current trend on a client who has no predisposition to do so.

Natural eyebrows look beautiful, all the hair growing upwards or towards the ends of the forehead to the end, but we can’t do that for a client whose natural hair grows downwards after the beginning of the eyebrow. By doing that, we will get a mixture of natural and drawn eyebrows which will look messy and unnatural. Maybe *at the first sight* it will look beautiful, because natural hair is combed, adjusted immediately after the treatment, painted, and that’s beautiful. The client comes home, washes and rubs her eyebrows for the first time in an hour and the beautiful natural look *is gone*. You cannot change the direction of natural hair growth. In education, we teach you that there are several types of spines, different beginnings, how to recognize and report as naturally as possible. The art of this technique is to follow the growth of natural hair, in any pattern and style, but it is almost impossible to notice the drawn hair. They must not be strictly defined, there are no straight lines, angles, no strict beginnings, everything must be a “soft” expression. This is the only correct point of this technique.

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